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I have previously blogged about different personality types. I was researching stuff about business (as I normally am and I stumbled over how cool it is to know he different personality types.There are the four main personality types, usually labeled with colors. I won’t bore you with the details but as we all know personalities can range from being the pig headed ‘wall street’ guy to the sociable, talkative mellow person. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? I mean even people in the same families can have WAY different personality types. It’s just like that, nature. I’m sure you know what I mean too right? Your friend or colleague or brother or sister is completely different to you.

Personality Types

Personality Types

There is also that old saying that opposites attract in relationships. Whether different personality types really do attract, I’m not sure. I know that my mum and dad have way different personalities and that hasn’t worked too well for them. One is always trying to please the other and then the other just takes advantage of that. It is just history repeating isn’t it?

So I think a lot of people with different personality types can also be a good group of friends as well. I personally don’t have a massive group of close friends though. I talk to a lot of people though I guess.

My girlfriend is quite the opposite. She has large groups of friends from work, uni, school and sport clubs etc. I can never get used to that because I’m not like that. I would be the last person to invite like 30 people over to my joint to have a party.

So what are you? Maybe you are in the middle.

You see, we are all unique. That’s why it can be difficult to group us into personality types. Often we just go with the dominant part of our personality. I’m on the border of two squares there because I like to lead and do my own thing but I also like to listen to people, help them and learn off them.

The cool thing though is that if you are trained to pick personalities, it can help you a lot in life. I mean, you can have better relationships and also get more out of people. It’s not about trying to scam people; it’s about maximizing your relationship. Creating a win. Like if you have a boss at work that is tough and you are the opposite. There you can maybe work out how to talk to him. The different personality types then can work together better in harmony. If you take my story, I grew up on a farm and after school I helped my parents run the family business. My father is a tough man, he taught me how to work and I learnt how to communicate with him best.

Anyway guys, have fun thinking about all the different personality types in your life! (Hopefully not all in your head!)

Colin Burnett

Colin Burnett is an ex-FARMBOY who now travels the world. I am interested in travel and all things business and investing. I blog here, check it out

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